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Summer Recreational Classes

Recreational Dance, Tumbling, Cheer will be each Tuesday for the 5 weeks listed below. 

Tuition for $62 total for 5 (1 hr) classes. The total tuition is due at the time of registration. Register on your parent portal. You will find the class options by age on your portal. If you are new to Synergy, please create a parent portal.

Summer Weeks- Tuesday classes:
Week 1- June 13th
Week 2- June 20th
Week 3- June 27th
Week 4-July 11th
Week 5- July 18th

Class Options: TUESDAYS

*9:00-10:00AM 3-4yr Tumble/Jazz with Julie
*9:00-10:00AM 3-4yr Ballet/Jazz with Melinda
*9:00-10:00AM 5-7yr Fundamentals/Power 1 tumbling with Amber
*9:00-10:00AM 8-10yr Fundamentals/Power 1 tumbling with Haiden

*10:00-11:00AM 3-4yr Fundamentals tumbling with Amber
*10:00-11:00AM Ballet/Jazz with Julie
*10:00-11:00AM 8yr+ Cheer with Haiden
*10:00-11:00AM 6-8yr Cheer with Melinda

*11:00AM-12:00PM 5-6yr Tumble/Jazz with Melinda
*11:00AM-12:00PM 5-6yr Ballet/Jazz with Julie
*11:00AM-12:00PM 7-8yr Ballet/Jazz with Haiden
*11:00AM-12:00PM 3-4yr Fundamentals tumbling with Amber

*12:00-1:00 PM 3-4yr Ballet/Jazz with Melinda
*12:00-1:00PM 9yr+ Hiphop/Jazz with Haiden
*12:00-1:00PM 5-6yr Fundamentals/Power 1 tumbling with Amber 
*12:00-1:00PM 7-8yr Fundamentals/Power 1 tumbling with Julie