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dance teen contemporary
Weekly hours: 6-13 hrs depending on age and individual
Competition routines: At least 3 routines, option to add routines, including Production
Convention/Competitions: 4-6 events (depending on age/level).
Summer requirements: 3 weeks of summer intensives.
Company options
Mini 6-8, Junior 9-10, Youth 11-12, Teen 13+, High School
**Dancers will train in smaller groups based on level (within each company)
**Ages will crossover for some routines 
**Tap and Pointe are not required. Optionally offered on the weekend.
**Expect extra rehearsals on the weekends throughout the season
Tuition- due monthly (every month)
Company fees- due monthly 9 payments July-March
Please inquire for fee itemization.
More information on the audition page