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Jami Hodges

Jami Hodges

Jami Hodges has over 35 years of dance experience ranging from dancer, choreographer, director and judge. She has trained in jazz, ballet, contemporary and tap but her passion is for lyrical and telling a story through choreography.

Jami’s love for dance spreads beyond the studio classroom and into the competitive world where she has been a competition judge for over 20 years for both studio and drill. Jami is a highly sought-after judge for studio and drill teams across Utah. Jami spends much of her time working with high school drill team coaches to help them get the most from their dancers and choreography. Jami is also the owner and director of the Utah Dance Expo and Assistant Director of the Utah Dance Review.

Jami’s choreography has won multiple top awards at competitions across the state. She continues her training by attending multiple dance conventions and workshops each year.

Jami shares her love for dance with her three beautiful daughters and one very supportive husband. She is honored to learn and create next to some of the best choreographers and instructors in the state with the teaching staff at Synergy Academy.