Power prerequisite

Handstand 3/4 

Roll forward and backward

Bridge with proper technique

Cartwheel T hand cartwheel

Power 1 prerequisite

Handstand fully inverted

Roll forward and backward straddle

Bridge bridge kick over, bridge pull up

Cartwheel stand and finish in lunge

Round Off with T hands

Handspring jump to rainbow arch

Power2 prerequisite

Handstand split hold 45sec

Bridge front and back walkovers

Cartwheel proper technique

Round Off proper technique

Handspring handstand snap down, sit fall back

Power 3 prerequisite

Bridge back and front walkovers

Cartwheel one hand

Handspring front HS and 5 series back HS

*all prerequisites from level 1 and 2

Power 4 prerequisite

Handstand walk and pirouette

Roll front and back tuck

Front Aerial

Side Aerial

Round off Barani

Handspring Gainer back handspring, front handspring walk out pass