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Company Convention and Competition

Company is for competitive dancers who also want the added training that conventions provide. 

Mini Company- 5-8yrs 7hrs/week, 3 dances

Junior Company- 8-10yrs 9hrs/week, 3 dances

Youth Company- 11-12yrs 9hrs/week, 3 dances

Teen Company- 13-14yrs 12hrs/week, 4 dances

Senior Company 15+yrs 12hrs/week, 4 dances

High School Option- 1 day a week, 2-3 dances

Additional routine options available- weekly commitment varies

See our tuition scale

*All company members will attend 3 convention/competition style events, and one competition only event.  Opportunities to attend additional conventions are available and optional.

*Nationals is optional for all company members with the exception of Pro Company.

*3 weeks of Summer Intensives is required to be eligible to audition for Company.  Choose your weeks!   Fall session for Company begins August.      

*Competition fees- All fees related to Company are totaled together and divided into 6 monthly payments (Aug-March).  Team fees include costumes, competition fees, etc.  You can find the team fee breakdown in your parent portal under “files”.

*Dancers must commit to making Company a priority, this includes strict attendance, class preparedness, black out dates, and more.  Parents must attend our virtual parent meeting. 

*$100 deposit to be consider for Company is due before auditions by June 24th. If you do not make a Company, you will get your $100 deposit returned. If you decide not to except the Company you make, you do not get your deposit returned. For those that make Company, your deposit will be applied to your Company fees for the season.