Synergy offers many different dance genres including combo classes! Please look through our brochure for specific information on each type of class.


A classical form of grace and precision that uses formal steps in incricate,flowing patterns to create expression through movement.Ballet is the core of dance technique!

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contemporary 3


An expressive dance style that combines elements of several genres inclding modern,jazz,lyrical,and classical ballet.Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through movement

Hip Hop

Hip-hop includes a wide range of styles including breaking,locking,and popping.Hip-hop has also been influenced by jazz,jazz-funk,and contemporary

hip hop


Utilizing core technique as taught in ballet,skills are set to fast-paced music.Choreography includes a wide range of styles that incoprates diffrent styles to express ideas and feelings.

Break Dance

B-boying or breaking,also called breakdancing,is a street dance.B-boying is typically danced to hio-hop and funck-music.Our breakdance class explores all the elements and verities of B-boying

break dance